Customize any website

Part Mac app, part browser extension. Your CSS and JavaScript.

 * When you visit any website, Sprinkles checks a directory
 * on your computer for .css and .js files matching the
 * site's hostname, then applies those to the site.
 * For example, to make GitHub a more fruity experience,
 * in

body { background: papayawhip; }

 * Seemingly innocent but this is web browsing super powers.
 * You can change badly chosen fonts or hide any element from
 * your favourite websites. Whatever CSS can do, you can do.
 * To really get cooking, we can add JavaScript too – try
 * changing the file above ⤴
Sprinkles girl

How does it work?

Sprinkles runs a tiny webserver on your machine. When you visit a website, the browser extension asks this server for scripts. The server looks for 4 files in your Sprinkles scripts directory:

  1. global.js
  2. global.css

When there's a hit, the extension adds the provided JS and CSS.

Why is it great?

  1. Edit scripts in the editor of your choice
  2. Like UserScripts or Stylish — but combined and bundled into one
  3. Portable between browsers with support for Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox
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